The nectarine story of Srimati Radharani's temporary blindness

...After some time, when King Vrishabhanu and Kirtida were loooking at their beautiful daughter more closely, they suddenly realized She was not seeing anything: her eyes were still closed! Everyone, including Kirtida, started to cry in distress that such a beautiful girl was blind. Still, even though She was blind, because of Her unparalled beauty everyone came to see the newborn daughter of Vrishabhanu and Kirtida. Nanda Maharaja and Yasoda also came there along with their son Krishna. Nanda Maharaja and Vrishabhanu Maharaja embraced when they met, and Mother Yasoda was greated with loving affection by Kirtida.

She took her inside the house and also embraced her. Lord Krishna understood that His eternal consort, Sri Radha, had appeared in the house of Kirtida. Radharani in the form of a baby girl was lying in the bed. While both Yasoda and Kirtida were busy discussing the newly- born girl and Her unfortunate blindness, Sri Krishna climbed down from the lap of Mother Yasoda. Entering the room where Radharani was sleeping, He climbed unto the bed and touched Her eyes. Immediately She opened Her eyes to take darshana of Her beloved Krishna.

When Kirtida and Yasoda saw Radharani' eyes had opened, they were very happy and immmediately shared the news with everyone present. There was much jubilation in the house of Maharaja Vrishabhanu and Mother Kirtida.

The reason of Radharani taking birth as a blind girl is as follows:
In Goloka-dhama Lord Krishna was preparing to come to the earth planet to perform His lila. He mentioned to Radharani that She also had to come to appear in His pastimes. But Radharani expressed Her reluctance to come to earth because She would have to see so many people, when the only one She wished to look upon was Sri Krishna. Krishna assured Her that on earth She would be able to see Him always. Radharani accepted on the condition that on earth the first person She saw would be Him. That is why She appared as a blind girl, and gained Her sight only in the presence of Her beloved Shyamasundara.